This Just in…Illinois CSI Is Making a Difference!


Districts receiving Priority services from Illinois CSI saw positive changes in key metrics for student achievement:

  • ACT scores
  • ISAT mathematics scores
  • Graduation rates

"Those working in school improvement know that the implementation of successful, long-lasting, transformative changes can result in increased student achievement over time, but they also know that seeing this change usually happens after about 3 to 5 years of implementation with fidelity. We are happy that the schools that we support are seeing that change now, 3 years after partnering with us. It is a testament to the dedication of the district and school leaders and the staff of Illinois CSI."

– Betheny Lyke, Executive Director

Illinois Center for School Improvement Annual ​​Review

2016 Annual Review now available​

We are pleased to share the flipbook version of Illinois CSI's 2016 Annual Review. In the lower left hand corner are buttons that allow you to view the collapsed menu of the table of contents. We invite you to read and share with others.​

Improving student achievement is about far more than test scores and graduation rates. While those are important markers, research shows it’s vital to address the whole system to ensure consistent benefit to students and long-term improvement. That’s where we come in.

District leaders overwhelmingly agree that as a result of working with Illinois CSI their schools are makin​g system-wide improvements that will lead to real and significant change. We use evidence-based practices to help districts build an entire system that can support all students. We continually gather evidence of what’s improved.


When Illinois CSI begins working with a district, the first step is reinforcing the importance of leadership. District leaders working with the Illinois CSI are responding by strengthening their leadership teams:

of districts receiving Priority Services from Illinois CSI are following established routines that support collaborative work and evidence-based deliberation.
of districts receiving Priority Services agree that Illinois CSI helped to guide the development of a higher-functioning district leadership team. Among these districts, more than half say, as a result of Illinois CSI’s assistance, they also are now developing leadership teams in their Priority schools.
“I think that’s probably one of the biggest ways that [Illinois CSI] has helped us: To stop and look at how we do business and how could we do it more efficiently and effectively by getting down to the question you really want to answer and then how do we approach making the answers to that question result in better outcomes for kids”
Timothy Truesdale, Assistant Superintendent
J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 *

Data, Implementation, and Monitoring

Illinois CSI works with districts to ensure they can monitor and measure their improvement plans and that shared understanding of these plans exists at the district, school and classroom levels:

17 of 21
For districts receiving Priority Services and in need of aligning district and school plans, 17 of 21 agree that Illinois CSI provided effective support to their district’s staff in their alignment efforts.
18 of 19
Of districts needing an effective data system, 18 out of 19 are in the process of developing one as a result of working with Illinois CSI.
of surveyed districts receiving Priority Services agreed that Illinois CSI provided effective support to district staff in developing a focused and integrated continuous improvement plan with goals, worthy targets, and performance measures.
“A lot of initiatives die because we don’t know whether they were implemented with fidelity. Illinois CSI has provided us with tools that help us with having some well thought out measures and great questions to ask and we’ve been able to really push the teams to go deeper. The tools have been outstanding.”
Sheila Boozer, Director of Teaching and Learning
Springfield School District 186*

Systemic Improvement

Once leadership structures are in place and strategy plans are put into motion, systemic improvement follows.

of districts working with Illinois CSI agree that Illinois CSI provided services that were customized to meet the district’s goals and needs.
of districts agree that Illinois CSI provided services that effectively supported the district moving forward with its improvement plan and goals.
of districts supported by Illinois CSI are on track or ahead of schedule to meet their improvement goals.
“The support from a thought partner saying let me look at what you are doing, and be honest and say yes this is right, or we might want to rethink this, or change the way we are going in the approach has been a real benefit”
Rodolfo Hernandez, Superintendent
Cicero School District 99*

Results are taken from surveys completed by superintendents from districts receiving Priority Services from Illinois CSI. The survey completion rate was 90 percent.

*Quotations originate from the 2015 Annual Review.​​​​​​​​​​​​