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​​​​​Our Network

Illinois Center for School Improvement (Illinois CSI) collaborates with a network of state, regional, and local partners to identify goals and determine how to achieve them. Following are the organizations with which Illinois CSI partners.

ISBE Roundtable

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Roundtable is a cross-divisional leadership committee that provides oversight, guidance, alignment, and support to Illinois CSI to ensure that Illinois CSI's goals and practices support ISBE's vision and improvement initiatives.

We regularly update the ISBE Roundtable on our developments and seek continual feedback from the ISBE Roundtable on how best to advocate for top ISBE priorities, such as:

  • Building state ability to support and improve underperforming schools
  • Adopting more rigorous standards and assessments at the district level
  • Recruiting, evaluating, and retaining highly effective teachers and principals 
  • Creating effective data systems that measure and help improve student success

Illinois Center for School Improvement Research Council 

The Illinois CSI Research Council is composed of national education content experts, representatives from national educational organizations, and experts of national standing from American Institutes for Research (AIR). All Research Council members are able to speak authoritatively to at least one of the Eight Essential Elements of School Improvement  as defined by ISBE.

The Research Council has been established to provide research-based guidance and timely input into resources and services provided by Illinois CSI. Council members also may participate in Quarterly Research Forum meetings and provide detailed answers to questions posed by districts.

Roles and Responsibilities

Research Council members are responsible for informing the work of Illinois CSI individually or in collaboration with their peers by engaging in the following activities:

  • Incorporating knowledge and expertise—individual and collective—into Illinois CSI product design
  • Providing quality assurance to guide the direction of technical assistance plans and sessions and to offer suggestions for improvement and change
  • Participating and informing the Quarterly Research Forums, as appropriate
  • Offering research-based contributions to Illinois CSI clientele by participating in research forums, Illinois CSI issue brief publications, and other communications


Illinois CSI Research Council Members   

​​Diane AugustAIR
Jonathan CohenNational School Climate Center
Daniel DukeUniversity of Virginia
Darlene FasterNational School Climate Center
Amy HeinekeLoyola University, Chicago
Tom KellerMaine Mathematics and Science Alliance
Lisa LandeTeacher Voice and Aspirations
Steve Leinwand​AIR
Sharon McNeeleyE-learning Education Consultant 
Angela Minnici​AIR
Sam ReddingAcademic Development Institute
Timothy Shanahan

Ellen ​​Sherratt
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds​AIR

Illinois CSI Statewide System of Support Partners

Illinois CSI coordinates specialized support through our network of statewide system of support (SSoS) partners, such as the regional offices of education and intermediate service centers, the Illinois Principals Association, the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the Illinois Association of School Boards, the Illinois Resource Center, and the Illinois Multi-Tiered System of Supports Network.

Please see below for information about our SSoS partners.

Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools



Jeff Vose


The purpose of this organization is to support the roles of regional superintendents of schools and assistant regional superintendents, and of regional offices of education in Illinois, personally and professionally, in their efforts to promote quality education for the school children and citizens of Illinois; provide educational leadership; impact public policy; and deliver educational services effectively for the benefit of Illinois districts, other educational entities, and educational system clients of all ages.

Illinois Principals Association (IPA)



Jason Leahy


Arlin Peebles


IPA facilitates strong and effective leadership through advocacy, networking, and professional development. It provides a strong online professional learning community across the state of Illinois with the EdLeaders Network.

Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO)



Michael A. Jacoby


Devoted to the school business management profession, IASBO does the following: 

• Provides networking opportunities, continuing education, and training

• Promotes the value of the profession and empowering school business officials 

• Fosters strong alliances among educational organizations

• Connects school business officials to reliable companies, services, and products for schools

Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)



Roger Eddy

630-629-3776 x1130

IASB supports relationships among the school board, superintendent, and school administrators while clearly defining roles and responsibilities for each—for example, the school board develops policy, the superintendent establishes procedures and manages the implementation of policy, and school administrators have operational flexibility for implementing procedures.

Illinois Resource Center



​​Josie Yanguas


Barb Marler


The center assists teachers and administrators serving linguistically and culturally diverse students. 

It provides high-quality differentiated professional development informed by data that are embedded in the profession, intentionally supports implementation of the plan objectives, and is aligned across the system to achieve desired changes in education professionals' practices.

Illinois Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Network


​​Michele Carmichael

217-782-5589 ​

Roberta Brown


Julie West

815--652-2054 x231

The new Illinois MTSS Network (IL MTSS-N) represents the integration of the Illinois Response to Intervention Network (I-RtI Network) and the Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Collaborative (ISTAC) into one organization to enhance and empower district implementation of an MTSS. Using a coaching-of-coaches model, high-quality training, coaching, and technical assistance are provided to increase district or school capacity to promote social and academic success for ALL students, including those with significant challenges and disabilities. This work will be accomplished through the promotion of a prevention-based systems-change approach, which includes data-based decision making and research-based instructional practices. 

Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA)



Dr. Brent Clark 


IASA is the state's premier advocacy organization for school administrators, with more than 1,750 members and a history of promoting excellence in education dating back to 1946. The guiding principles of IASA are expressed by its vision of "Maximum Educational Success for all Students" and its mission statement, "To support school leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence through continued school improvement." 


IASA is a state-chartered association of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and works cooperatively on educational issues of national, state, and local importance.

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