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​​​​​​​​​Performance Management

The Performance Management System is an essential component of the Illinois Center for School Improvement (Illinois CSI) that provides frequent formative and summative information to Illinois CSI leadership and stakeholders on services and their effectiveness. The system will be Web-based and user friendly. Illinois CSI will use the Performance Management System to collect and store data and to produce running reports on demand. The Performance Management System will help Illinois CSI track progress toward organizational goals and metrics and targets aligned with those goals, keep timely and accurate data on organizational progress, provide accountability and responsibility for monitoring metrics regularly, and include processes and protocols for acting on data in a way that intervenes when practices are ineffective and catalyzes successful practices toward continuous systems improvement.

A major component of the Performance Management System is the Service Tracking System (STS) and Service Scorecard. STS will collect data from the Illinois CSI service providers on the services they are providing to the districts. To complement the STS activity data, the Service Scorecard will incorporate impact data to provide a more complete picture of the performance of Illinois CSI's efforts.


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