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2015 and 2016 Annual Stakeholders Feedback

Illinois CSI's Annual Stakeholders Meeting is a part of the organization's internal evaluation. The input gathered from these meetings serves as a mechanism to monitor and refine Illinois CSI's strategic plan in the delivery of services provided to school districts. Representatives from our client—the Illinois State Board of Education, school districts receiving Priority and Focus services, and statewide system of support partners, along with our parent American Institutes for Research—participated in the meeting.

"We have to walk the talk by using the very practices, processes, and systems we use to coach school districts on ourselves to deliver the best services. We have ongoing dialogue with all of our stakeholders, but the ability to convene them and hear from them is invaluable."

– Betheny Lyke, Executive Director

Download reports of stakeholder feedback from 2015 and 2016.

2015 Annual Stakeholders Meeting Recommendations
2016 Annual Stakeholders Meeting Executive Summary​​​

2016 Annual Stakeholders Meeting Full Report

2014 SSoS Stakeholder Feedback

On October 6, 2014, Illinois CSI held its annual stakeholders meeting in Springfield, Illinois. Thirty-four stakeholders attended. Attendees were placed in one of seven discussion groups with six to eight participants each, facilitated by Illinois CSI staff. The meeting presented key critical findings identified in the 2013 Illinois SSoS Audit Co-Interpretation SM.

The 2013 Illinois SSoS Audit Co-Interpretation SM created a baseline from which Illinois CSI would measure its progress in providing services to districts in collaboration with partners. Participants attending the 2014 stakeholder meeting were asked for feedback on Illinois CSI's progress to date related to the findings from the 2013 audit. Key topic areas from the 2013 audit that were discussed in the meeting were:

  • Support to designated districts

  • Communication

  • Integration and implementation of statewide services

  • Plan monitoring and evaluation​

2014 Annual Stakeholders Meeting Feedbac: Executive Summary​

2014 Annual Stakeholders Meeting Feedback: Full Report​

2013 SSoS Audit​

The audit, conducted in spring 2013, interviewed more than 70 participants in the Illinois Statewide System of Support (SSoS) about strengths, challenges, and needs of the current SSoS. The audit process was not an evaluation or research study, but a collection, review, and analysis of different voices, perspectives, and valued insights from SSoS stakeholders across the state. It will serve as the baseline from which to measure Illinois CSI progress.

​Representatives from the Illinois State Board of Education, regional offices of education, intermediate service centers, Illinois school districts, and statewide system of support (SSOS) partner organizations met on June 18, 2013, to sift through and interpret data and feedback gathered this spring to prioritize concerns for the Illinois Center for School Improvement (Illinois CSI).

Meeting participants marked four of the 20 key findings as high priority. The findings noted as high priority include desires for Illinois CSI to:

    • Clearly define roles and responsibilities for all Illinois CSI and SSOS personnel

    • Provide services through the SSOS that will be consistent, coherent, and research based

    • Guide districts in how to coordinate and align various education reform mandates

    • Develop a transparent statewide evaluation plan that also considers the needs of individual districts

The full report with all 20 findings

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