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A Guide Through the Classroom Assessment Process

Creating, administering, and analyzing classroom 
assessments can be an intimidating task. Special
attention must be paid to numerous factors in 
order to receive accurate and reliable data. This
series of modules will assist educators in 
administering high-quality assessments that will
provide all stakeholders with relevant information
to support student learning.​

The modules in this library consist of recorded
presentations, PDFs of the slideshows, and 
additional materials to support professional

collapse Module : Module 1 – Introduction to Assessment ‎(1)
Recorded PresentationIntroduction to Assessment_Slide DeckIntroduction to Assessment_Slide Deck.pdf
collapse Module : Module 2 – Alignment and Planning ‎(1)
Recorded PresentationAlignment and Planning_Slide DeckAlignment and Planning_Slide Deck.pdf
collapse Module : Module 3 – Item Types ‎(1)
Recorded PresentationItem Types_Slide DeckItem Types_Slide Deck.pdf
collapse Module : Module 4 – Scoring ‎(1)
Recorded PresentationScoring_Slide DeckScoring_Slide Deck.pdf
collapse Module : Module 5 – Score Reporting and Feedback ‎(1)
Recorded PresentationScore Reporting and Feedback_Slide DeckScore Reporting and Feedback_Slide Deck.pdf
collapse Module : Module 6 – Validity ‎(4)
Assuring Assessment Validity_HandoutAssuring Assessment Validity_Handout.pdf
Assuring Assessment Validity-Appendix A_HandoutAssuring Assessment Validity-Appendix A_Handout.pdf
Assuring Assessment Validity-Appendix B_HandoutAssuring Assessment Validity-Appendix B_Handout.pdf
Recorded PresentationValidity_Slide DeckValidity_Slide Deck.pdf

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